Steel framing members are delivered at site in pre-cut sizes, which eliminates cutting and welding at site. Being lighter in weight, the small members can be very easily assembled, bolted and raised with the help of cranes. This system allows very fast construction and reduces wastage and labour requirement. These buildings can then provided with roof decking and wall cladding with metal profile sheets and prone insulation. The framing are so designed that electrical and plumbing services are part of it and can be very easily concealed. In PEB the maintenance area is the steel roofing & cladding. Steel roofing & side wall cladding requires minimum maintenance. The roof should be inspected immediately after installation to check if cleaning of the roof has been carried out fully. It is very often seen that the drilled out metal and debris are not swept away. These can act as initiators of corrosion and lead to premature failures. Installed roofing must be inspected at-least once a year. Any exposed metal that can rust or has rusted should be painted. Leaves, branches, and trash should be removed from gutters, at ridge caps and in corners. Also watch out for discharge from industrial stacks, and particulate matter and high sulphur exhaust from space heaters which could get piled up. Roof top ancillaries and air conditioner supports, drains and housing should be checked. Particular attention should be paid to add-on roof ancillaries that create new roof penetrations. Roof-top air Conditioners should be installed on curbs designed to avoid ponding water. Condensate from air – conditioning and refrigeration equipment should never be allowed to drain directly on to the roof panels. The drainage contains ions from condenser coils that accelerate corrosion. In the event of a roof leak, do not indiscriminately plaster the suspected leak area with tar or asphalt or use repair tape. Water can collect under the repair material causing corrosion. Instead, have an experienced roofing foreman locate the leak, identify its cause and properly repair the roof.


Steel is a preferred material for construction, due to its various advantages like quality, aesthetics, economy and environmental conditions. This concept can have lot of scope in India, which can actually fill up the critical shortage of housing, educational and health care institutions, airports, railway stations, industrial buildings & cold storages etc. Pre engineered Metal building concept forms an unique position in the construction industry in view of their being ideally suited to the needs of modern Engineering Industry. It would be the only solution for large industrial enclosures having thermal and acoustical features. The major advantage of metal building is the high speed of design and construction for buildings of various categories.